Panthera Arts and Graphics Private Limited (PAGL) is promoted by a team of professionals with 50 years of combined experience in handling premium paper products and providing solutions for book making services to large Corporates and Retailers across the globe.

PAGL was incorporated as a “private limited company” in the year 2010.

Designing & Product Development is the core strength of the company. The vast experience and international exposure of our team help in bringing out innovative products in the brand "Footprints". PAGL is fully equipped to handle orders of varied quantities. Our quality and finish is our strength and are at par with International standards. We have a strong distributor network to sell our premium paper products and book making services both in India and International markets.

With a decade of exposure to African markets, the immense potential for manufacturing premium paper products was realised by the Promoters. As a result, the Company has promoted Panthera Publishers Limited (PPL) ,a subsidiary in Nairobi, Kenya in the year 2010.

PPL manufactures and markets “ Footprints ”&brand paper products and book making services in the African market. Our project has the approval of Kenya Investment Board and the Importers in 19 African countries which are signatories in the EAR and COMESA free trade agreements are entitled for waiver of import duty.

PPL has established a strong marketing network in the East African Region.

Environmental responsibility is in the DNA of Panthera team. We continuously strive to be responsible stewards of the environment. In addition to complying with all environmental regulations, we seek to understand the impact and continuously improve our business practices to achieve the environmental goals.